The North Pacific Card Queries


Season: season 2 season 1

Output format:


Query options:

Create a query by combining options from below, preceded by + or -, to include or exclude the corresponding cards. Options can be separated by commas or by lines. The resulting query is the conjuction of all the options you specify. An empty query will return all cards.

Available badges:

Below is a list of all badges available in trading cards.

Badge types in bold are stackable, meaning that a card may have a special numeric indicator, e.g., "General Assembly Resolution Author (x7)". For stackable badges, you can provide an additional NUMBER argument, e.g., for the previous example, you can query badge:general_assembly_resolution_author:7. If you do not provide a NUMBER argument, then the query will include every card that has the corresponding badge, regardless of number.

Available trophies:

Below is a list of all trophy types available in trading cards. You can append a rank to each type, to get only cards with trophies of that type and rank. For example, you can query for trophy:influence to get every card with an influence trophy, and for trophy:influence:5 to get only cards with a top-5% influence trophy.

Available trophy ranks:

Below is a list of all trophy ranks available in trading cards. You can use these either with the rank option (for example, rank:1t), or as a second argument to the trophy option (for example, trophy:influence:1t).